DEEP CLEANING before(above) After(right).

Don't throw away that old BBQ Grill.  Save money in the long run and repair it!


Grills are becoming more and more expensive.  What most people don't realize is that the old grill that is sitting in your yard was better made than the newer ones today.  Fix it!  

Get the grease before it gets you!.

We offer different cleaning services.  Basic- We scrape and vacuum any large grease deposits to avoid grease fire and performance disruption.  Deep- We use degreaser to breakdown build up and try to bring out the original shine of the grill with environment friendly products

Example of a BASIC SERVICE.  Most people don't even look below the grates.  This is what most grills look like(left).  After a light scrape and vacuum(right).  Happier grill!!


We come to your home and make sure everything is working properly and safe!


By maintaining you BBQ properly you prolong the life of it and it keeps your grills performance at peak levels. 

Real results from us.  Results vary from grill to grill.  One thing that doesnt vary is our hard work and commitment to our customers.

"Your Old BBQ Grill is worth it!"



We service all makes and models!







Authorized Service Agent for Weber, Kalamazoo, Lynx, Alfresco, Twin Eagles and Ducane.


Lets us know what kind of grill you have, about how old is it, what town are you in and what issue you are having. we will be happy to assist you!